Mar 12 2010

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Thanks for waiting for so long for this post. I know I’d tempted a few readers with the “Wolf” and was supposed to finish this post a couple of weeks back. Anyways…

The wolf was high on our list when we got to LRK. We decided to spend at least a couple of sessions trying to find the enigmatic carnivore.

We got out of the camp early morning one day. A cup of tea later, we were off to try and find the wolf making its way back into the Rann after a hard night’s work. Freezing in the early morning breeze, it was a long long wait.
Around dawn, we heard a Grey Francolin calling in a frenzy. We could never find out if it was us or the (unseen) wolf that had scared it.

On the way back, another carnivore, though not so high in the food chain, was sighted. A Desert Fox.

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The day I was to start back, I decided to visit Nava Talab at sunrise to get some good shots of pelicans and flamingos. As we got to the lake, Younus (the driver) suddenly saw a dog-like figure running from the lake towards us. Very very excited, we decided to take a closer look. Looked big enough, grey enough and mean enough – the feeling was a huge WOW. Back at the camp, the images showed up a jackal 🙂

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Indian Fox, Desert Fox and Indian Jackal seen. The wolf still remains a potential lifer…

Mammals of the Rann
I just realized that I’ve not written anything about the mammals of the Little Rann of Kutch. More specifically about those majestic ones that are now found only here.

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The Asiatic Wild-ass or Khur is one of the most common mammals encountered in LRK. It is so widespread here that one is lured into a false feeling that it is a very common animal all over that part of country. In reality, it is only found in the Little Rann and nowhere else in the world.

This beautiful animal is found in all habitats of the Rann. From Mr.Dhanraj, I understood that the open Rann essentially serves as a resting place for the Khur. The agricultural fields and grasslands bordering them are where they spend time eating. No wonder, each field had a watchman with a big long stick to chase them away.

Apart from the Wild-Ass, Nilgai and Wild-boars were aplenty. These are again chiefly found in the grasslands and scrub jungles.

Coming up – Desert Coursers – Gateway to the Rann

  1. Ram 

    Interesting to know that the Asiatic Wild Ass is found only in LRK. I am sure it is some hard luck that you were unable to spot to wolf, but hope you will get a chance.


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