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Dec 01 2011
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Every summer, hundreds of River Terns nest on a small island in the Bhadra Reservoir at Lakkavalli, Karnataka. Migrating locally from different parts of Karnataka and beyond, these birds congregate here along with other birds like Small Pratincoles (Glareola lactea). Throughout the nesting season, there is activity throughout the day on these islands as birds try to find nesting spots (sometimes by unsettling other nesting birds), hunt for fish or go about raising their young ones. As the monsoons start, the level of water in the reservoir rises slowly and submerges the island. It would remain underwater till next summer.

  1. Anu 

    wow! lovely pic! we had been to bhadra recently, but it wasnt the season for the terns.. its such a beautiful place! have to go again during the season!

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