Another leaf?

Apr 21 2015

At first glance, it seemed like a dry leaf. A bird had just landed in that area of the bush and had seemingly vanished. Searching for it had become a puzzle. A thorough search through the camera lens and – again – nothing. I thought to myself “There’s something clearly wrong. Let’s look at that bush again.” And there it was. In fact, the bird was the “dry leaf”! As I went around the path to get a better view, the Yellow Bittern (Ixobrychus sinensis) stood almost motionless, orienting itself to face me all the time with its beak pointing upwards. Imitating a reed or […]


Andaman Banded Dandy Laringa horsfieldii andamanensis

Mar 18 2013

      Ever since I went to Andaman in Feb 2012, it has become very close to my heart. The lush green rainforests, the beautiful coasts and the rare and endemic wildlife that I’ve encountered there have fascinated me.   When I went back in late November-early December, I encountered fairly heavy rains every afternoon. On the morning of December 01, 2012, I went to Chidiya Tapu on a birding trail. It was an eventful morning as we encountered the rare (and endemic) Andaman Crake just a few feet away from us in the rainforest undergrowth.   As early […]