A cat crossed our path…

Aug 03 2018
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All through the night, I’d been tossing and turning in my bed. A drowsy mistake had cost me 128GB of lost photographs over the past 2 days. A Cut-Paste job gone horribly wrong (I know! Always do Copy-Paste-Check-Format. What was I thinking?! One more whack on my head.) Getting out of bed, I’d decided that today was going to be a new day. A new beginning to my visit to Kruger National Park in South Africa in July 2018. As we rolled out of Satara Rest Camp, the grey clouds that had gathered last evening had slowly started to dissipate. The rising […]


What’s that Squirrel-like animal?

Aug 10 2015

…we heard soft squeaks from the tree above. Tracing the source of the sounds, we chanced upon a small squirrel-like animal running up and down different branches. I was dumbstruck as I didn’t recollect reading about squirrels in Nicobar. Could this be what I think it is?


The World’s Smallest Eagle!

Jul 30 2015

The few endemic birds of the Nicobar islands are very charismatic. And they were the biggest motivation for me to make the journey to the remote island of Great Nicobar in March this year. The world’s smallest eagle made the trip special!


Can scratching look cute?

Nov 12 2013

    You think NO!! Take a look at the following series… (Click on any of the images to view them large. Navigate using the buttons below the image.)     I repeat the question again – Can scratching look cute? 🙂     Common Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus) The bird pictured in this series is a Common Kestrel. I came across this bird at Tal Chapar in October this year. Common Kestrels are winter visitors to large parts of India, with some breeding populations in Himalayas and Western Ghats. They are birds of open areas, preferring places like grasslands and shrublands. […]


Target acquired…locked…and…

Nov 08 2013

    It is always the element of surprise that makes wildlife photography thrilling. Like this sequence of a Montagu’s Harrier trying to find breakfast on a warm October morning at Tal Chapar. Can you guess how long this whole sequence would’ve lasted?   Harriers are winter migrants to the Indian subcontinent and are among the most graceful birds in a grassland. These birds of prey can be seen gliding gently a few metres above the ground scanning for prey. They are, in fact, so slow at times that it seems they would land on the ground soon. When they […]


Photography Technique – Laggar Falcon on the Ground

Oct 30 2013

      On my last morning at Tal Chapar this month, I came across a juvenile Laggar Falcon on the ground.   A few photographs later, I started wondering if I could better this image. What else could I have done? Read on…   No doubt, the direction of light was perfectly illuminating the Falcon. However, the angle was bothering me. I’d been clicking from the car window and was photographing the bird from the top. Not following the “holy grail” of wildlife photography – Eye-Level.   Since the others in the vehicle wanted to stay put, I decided […]


Net-casting Spider

Jun 04 2013

      In April this year, on a night walk near Agumbe, we came across this spider.   It looked very different from what I’d seen before. Also, the web caught my attention and I photographed it from a couple of different angles to try and capture the essence.   After I got back, the photograph was safely backed up in my hard drives along with the rest of the images from the trip and life went on. Until, I was running through the trip photographs with a friend a month later. When he saw the image, he jumped […]