Photography Technique – Laggar Falcon on the Ground

Oct 30 2013

      On my last morning at Tal Chapar this month, I came across a juvenile Laggar Falcon on the ground.   A few photographs later, I started wondering if I could better this image. What else could I have done? Read on…   No doubt, the direction of light was perfectly illuminating the Falcon. However, the angle was bothering me. I’d been clicking from the car window and was photographing the bird from the top. Not following the “holy grail” of wildlife photography – Eye-Level.   Since the others in the vehicle wanted to stay put, I decided […]


Laggar Falcon – Adult

Nov 18 2012

Laggar Falcon (Falco jugger) Laggar Falcons are resident birds in India that are seen in open country. Once widespread and fairly common, their numbers have decreased markedly and this bird is now classified as Near Threatened by IUCN. This bird was photographed at Tal Chapar Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan in September 2012.


A morning with Laggar Falcons

Oct 08 2012

    My visits to Tal Chapar Wildlife Sanctuary in Rajasthan are always filled with exciting moments. From getting many many exciting lifers (seeing a bird for the first time – in birders’-tongue) to witnessing some breathtaking action and life’s wonders, it has been a dream destination for me. This time too, it was no different.   When I arrived at Tal Chapar in late September this year, it was a grassland transformed into a green carpet by the delayed monsoons. Tall green grass grew everywhere, except a few areas in the park. When I set out on my first morning […]