A Rainy Morning in Bandipur

Oct 22 2013

      I spent 3 days at Bandipur over the past weekend. With weather oscillating between sunny and rainy, it was an interesting trip. Having seen Sloth Bears, a Bengal Tiger and a few Indian Elephants over the first 2 days, I was looking forward to the last safari. With heavy rains in the night and a very cloudy (and chilly) morning, imminent rain threatened our safari plans. Didn’t realize that the raindrops would start very soon into the safari. As the light drizzle went on and on (almost till the safari ended), it also gifted us some lovely photography opportunities.   […]


Face-off (almost)

Nov 30 2011
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Daroji Bear Sanctuary, near Hampi in Karnataka, is the first bear sanctuary to be established in India. This rocky and dry terrain is home to a good population of Sloth Bears (Melursus ursinus), Indian Leopards, Indian Pangolins and a host of birds and reptiles. They feed on termites, honey bee colonies and fruits. They make a very loud huffing sound when they feed. This Sloth Bear had taken a break from its feast, when the Indian Peafowl (Pavo cristatus) walked into the frame behind the bear.