Ballerina of the Grassland!

Mar 08 2019
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The first light rays from the rising sun held a lot of promise. The clouds that had covered the skies for the past few days were slowly making way for clear skies. With an African Wild Cat sighting the previous morning, we sure had our hopes flying high as we drove out of the gates of Satara Rest Camp in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Sunrise brought a golden glow upon the grasslands. The glorious landscape, with vast open spaces and just a couple of trees, called for the first photographs of the morning. Something caught my eye at the […]


An afternoon with Ravens

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Jan 22 2015

I was looking forward to a nice siesta after a good lunch. With the sun glaring down at 14500+ feet (the setting, incidentally, was Pangong Tso in Ladakh), that seemed to be a wise choice too. As I opened my tent flap, something flew into the campsite accompanied by loud, deep and gruff cawing. I’d been spooked by that call once before a few years ago and I knew I had to bring my camera out. The Northern Raven is the largest species of crow in the world. The bird is huge in size compared to the House Crow. It […]


Sykes’s Lark

Aug 09 2012

Sykes’s Lark (Galerida deva) Found in dry open country, this bird is identified from other crested larks by small size, prominent crest, pale rufous underparts, stout bill and less extensive streaking on the breast. It is found in Central and South India. I’ve observed adults feeding a fledgling very close to Bangalore, indicating that the bird breeds as far south as Bangalore (if not further South). This bird was photographed near Greater Rann of Kutch on December 31, 2011.