The leaping Blackbucks of Tal Chapar

Oct 17 2013

      In so many visits to Tal Chapar, I’ve been rather partial to the feathered bipeds (read Birds) over the ubiquitous horned quadrupeds (read Blackbucks) that stroll this beautiful grassland. May be their sheer numbers in the park lulls one into forgetting the fact that they are declining everywhere else. So it was decided – this time around I would give more attention to these graceful antelopes. The first morning at Tal Chapar was very cloudy, a possible hangover from the late rains this year. Some parts of the park were still unmotorable. Seeing some Kestrels (small falcons) […]


Sprinting Blackbuck

Dec 01 2011
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Blackbucks (Antilope cervicapra) are among the fastest terrestrial animals in India, capable of speeds upto 80kmph. The unique coloration of the males, with distinct black and white coats, makes them very easy to identify in the field. Although widespread across most of India, their shrinking habitat makes them a vulnerable species. Rollapadu in Andhra Pradesh has a healthy population of blackbucks, that can be seen in the wonderful grasslands there.