The World’s Smallest Eagle!

Jul 30 2015

The few endemic birds of the Nicobar islands are very charismatic. And they were the biggest motivation for me to make the journey to the remote island of Great Nicobar in March this year. The world’s smallest eagle made the trip special!


Target acquired…locked…and…

Nov 08 2013

    It is always the element of surprise that makes wildlife photography thrilling. Like this sequence of a Montagu’s Harrier trying to find breakfast on a warm October morning at Tal Chapar. Can you guess how long this whole sequence would’ve lasted?   Harriers are winter migrants to the Indian subcontinent and are among the most graceful birds in a grassland. These birds of prey can be seen gliding gently a few metres above the ground scanning for prey. They are, in fact, so slow at times that it seems they would land on the ground soon. When they […]


White-tailed Eagle – Juvenile

Nov 18 2012

White-tailed Eagle (Haliaetus albicilla) – Juvenile White-tailed Eagles are rare winter migrants to India. They are most often recorded near large water bodies at places like Sultanpur National Park, Keoladeo Ghana National Park and Kaziranga National Park. This bird was much larger than all the eagles at Tal Chapar (including the Eastern Imperial Eagle). This bird was photographed at Tal Chapar Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan in November 2012.