Winter Ladakh – Life in a Frozen Desert

“What does -25 degrees Centigrade feel like?” That was the question on my mind as I boarded the flight from Delhi to Leh (Ladakh) this January for a week-long Darter Photography tour. 

Of course, adequate preparations meant that we soon got used to the cold. But, as the tour went along, another question manifested itself – “How does life go on in such an extreme place?” 

And a really extreme place Ladakh is. The Himalayan landscape, with some of the highest mountains in the world. Travelling altitudes between 11000 feet and 18000 feet over mean sea level. Temperatures below freezing, with a maximum temperature of -5 degrees Centigrade. And, of course, very little rainfall making it a cold desert.

Presenting a collection of photographs from that week that attempts to answer the second question.