Photography Technique – Laggar Falcon on the Ground

Oct 30 2013




On my last morning at Tal Chapar this month, I came across a juvenile Laggar Falcon on the ground.

Laggar Falcon - First Impression

Laggar Falcon – First Impression


A few photographs later, I started wondering if I could better this image. What else could I have done? Read on…


No doubt, the direction of light was perfectly illuminating the Falcon. However, the angle was bothering me. I’d been clicking from the car window and was photographing the bird from the top. Not following the “holy grail” of wildlife photography – Eye-Level.


Since the others in the vehicle wanted to stay put, I decided to climb down gently and photograph the Falcon from the ground. Waiting for the bird to look the other way, I gently climbed out of the car and positioned myself and my camera on the ground. Here’s the ground-level perspective.

Laggar Falcon - Ground Level

Laggar Falcon – Ground Level


Doesn’t it make a world of difference! Since I was partially hidden by the grass, the Falcon didn’t seem to really mind my presence although it kept looking back once in a while to ensure that no surprises were sprung. I then thought – why don’t I get a little bit to my left to try and get a side-angle of the bird? I started crawling slowly to my left over the uneven ground full of thorns. It must’ve been quite a sight as I surveyed the area, removed thorns, moved myself, moved my 4.5 kg camera equipment, and, repeat…. With all this effort, I managed to get to a slightly better position, when a naughty Common Kestrel launched a mobbing attack on the Laggar Falcon and chased it away. Here’s another eye-level perspective, this time taken with the camera slightly above the ground to reduce the sky in the background.

Laggar Falcon - Eye-level

Laggar Falcon – Eye-level


Which of these images works best for you?


  1. Abdallah Al Rajhy 

    You have nice work my dear friend.Number two and three works better for me.You have incredibleraptors at that area.

    Kind Regards,

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