Can scratching look cute?

Nov 12 2013



You think NO!! Take a look at the following series…

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Common Kestrel Scratching - 1

He he…I actually tickled myself πŸ™‚

Common Kestrel Scratching - 2

That feels so nice!!

Common Kestrel Scratching - 3

Kestrel Raga

Common Kestrel Scratching - 4

Let me try rolling into a ball of feathers…

Common Kestrel Scratching - 5

Striking a pose!


I repeat the question again – Can scratching look cute? πŸ™‚



Common Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus)

Common Kestrel - Portrait

Common Kestrel – Portrait

The bird pictured in this series is a Common Kestrel. I came across this bird at Tal Chapar in October this year.Β Common Kestrels are winter visitors to large parts of India, with some breeding populations in Himalayas and Western Ghats. They are birds of open areas, preferring places like grasslands and shrublands.


Kestrels are small falcons – birds of prey that use speed to capture prey. To be fast, falcons are generally smaller in size than other birds of prey and their bodies are far more aerodynamic. Kestrels have a characteristic hunting behavior that sets them apart, even among falcons. They hover a few metres above the ground using their keen eyesight to locate prey. Once prey is sighted, they do a quick dive to capture it.


  1. Panchami Manoo Ukil 

    Amazingly cute. I never miss an opportunity to capture birdies while they itch. They look funny and adorable. This is a brilliant series … loved going through the pics.

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