Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I am Shreeram M V. I am an outdoor photographer (specializing in wildlife and travel photography), photography mentor, traveller and naturalist based in Bangalore, India.


An IIM Bangalore graduate by training, I worked in marketing roles in the corporate sector before taking a break to explore the country. From the high and dry plateaus of Ladakh to the rainforests of Agumbe, from the western wilderness of Kutch to the eastern rainforests in Arunachal, from tigers to elephants to snakes to leeches (they are not that eek at all) – every experience was a mind-opener. I re-connected with nature during this journey. And photography helped me share my experiences and learning with everyone around me.


Over the years, I have visited and photographed a diverse range of wildlife habitats across India, including:

  • rainforests of Western Ghats and North-East India
  • grasslands and deserts of North-West and South India
  • high-altitude plateau of Ladakh
  • mountains of Western Himalayas in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh
  • island and rainforest eco-systems of Andaman
  • riverine and freshwater ecosystems
  • mangroves across coastal India
  • coastal eco-systems of North Karnataka
  • pelagic eco-system off the coast of Kerala
  • moist and dry deciduous forests in South and Central India

I’ve always focused on understanding and depicting a holistic perspective on habitats, including flora, fauna and human interactions. The learning from these diverse places, along with the opportunities and challenges, has helped me hone my photography skills and expand my horizons as a naturalist too. I am also an avid birdwatcher, seen over 750 birds in the Indian subcontinent. I hope to make my first forays outside India (in wildlife) very soon!


An entrepreneurial streak (some call it a freak) along with my passion for teaching led me to co-found Darter Photography in early 2011, along with superstar travel photographer Arun Bhat. At Darter, we mentor enthusiastic amateur photographers (of varied experience) through our wide range of workshops and our guided photography tours across India and beyond.


My achievements and assignments as a professional photographer and naturalist include:
  • Winner in Yes Bank-Saevus Natural Capital Awards – Trailblazers competition in 2014
  • Trained in-house naturalists at Jungle Lodges and Resorts on field skills and communication skills
  • Assessor at Naturalist Certification Program conducted by Karnataka Eco-tourism Board in 2013 and 2014
  • Judge at HSBC Bangalore Bird Race 2013
  • First photography record of the Andaman Banded Dandy from India
  • Published photographs and articles in reputed magazines like National Geographic Traveller India, Sanctuary Asia, Outlook Traveller, Terrascape, etc.
  • Conducted first solo photography exhibition “A Window to Wilderness” in Bangalore in 2012
  • Volunteer naturalist at Jungle Lodges and Resorts’ Bhadra and Kabini resorts
  • Special Recognition Prize in the WWF-Canon Framed 2009 contest.

Visual Quotient started off way back in 2009 as a means to showcase my photography skills (looking back…well, I think I’ve done much better since then). With a lot of hiccups along the way and into its 6th year now, the website has also come a long way along with the evolution in my thought process.


When I started photography, all my eyes looked for was something interesting to portray Along the way, technique, camera gear, sharpness and other factors took an unduly large amount of emphasis and I started focusing on making technically accurate photographs. Thankfully, that phase lost its steam very soon and the unlearning began. I now try to tell stories through my photographs and collections of photographs.


In its 3rd major version, Visual Quotient is my story-telling platform.  Through my portfolios and blog posts, I communicate my thoughts, emotions, photography techniques and wildlife learning.

And I seek your help on this journey by sharing your honest opinions on the posts and taking part in the discussion threads.

If you:

  • want to buy or license content from this website in the digital form, or
  • want to buy fine art prints of any of the photographs on this website, or
  • have any questions/clarifications on photography or nature or travel, or
  • want to discuss an opinion about photography or nature or travel, or
  • just want to say hi

please feel free to write to me at shreeram@darter.in or call me on +91-9740083260. Alternatively, fill up the contact form below and I’ll get in touch with you.

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